Location London
Type Library and Safehouse

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The Stacks were established by Abraham Van Helsing and kept in order by Jonathon Harker, the husband of Mina Harker. Over the years they have been a source of valuable information for the decendents of Van Helsing in fighting Half-Lives.

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After the death of Jay Van Helsing, the stacks were not used regularly, and the Locket, which held the key to opening the stacks was placed into the care of Mina Harker. Once Rupert Galvin introduced Jay Van Helsing's son, Luke, to Mina, the locket was handed to him. He managed to open the stacks and they have been used regularly to help Luke in his fight against half-lives.

Mr Tibbs, a half-life, is notable for being one of the very few half-lives to have ever come into the stacks. He also nearly succeeded in blowing the stacks up, but Ruby was successful in disarming Tibbs' bomb with only two seconds left.

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