Title Original Airdate Director Episode №
"They Bite" January 3, 2009 Tom Harper 1 1x01
Luke Rutherford is an average teenager – until his dead father's best friend, Rupert Galvin, enters his life. Galvin has come to tell Luke that he is the real-life great-grandson of the legendary Abraham Van Helsing. Luke's destiny is to fight against the supernatural entities swarming the earth. But half-life Gladiolus Thrip has discovered Luke's secret as well.
"The Whole Enchilada" January 10, 1009 Tom Harper 2 1x02
Galvin thinks that a girl's disappearance is down to the ancient demon, Gilgamel, a fear confirmed by the priest Father Simeon. Gilgamel feasts on innocent souls, whilst masquerading as an angel. As more and more children disappear at the hands of the demon, including Ruby's younger brother, Galvin and Luke decide to summon the demon in order to defeat it.
"Saving Grace" January 17, 2009 Matthew Evans 3 1x03
The return of Galvin's wife's murderer, Mr Tibbs sets the vampire hunter on a path of vengeance. This leads to Galvin breaking into Tibbs' lair and having to be rescued from a group of half-lives. Thirst for revenge still not quenched, he and Luke find themselves walking into a trap. Ruby finds herself in a race against time to defuse a bomb placed in the Stacks by Mr. Tibbs, and with the help of Mina, must find Luke and Galvin before they succumb to a watery fate.
"Suckers" January 24, 2009 Tom Harper 4 1x4
Bad boy vampire Quincey is on the scene and causing havoc around London with his band of half-life misfits. Galvin and Luke must stop him, but there is more to Quincey than meets the eye. Why does Mina refuse to acknowledge how dangerous he is? Secrets and lies are surfacing, and Luke is in for a shock when he finally discovers the truth about Mina's past.
"Smitten" January 31, 2009 Matthew Evans 5 1x05
A strange murder in the capital raises fears for Luke's safety, providing him with the opportunity to lie low and taste the life of an ordinary teenager. However, alarm bells ring when Galvin and Ruby suspect the adolescent's new love interest is an entity that can take the form of a female to stalk its prey.
"Nothing Like Nebraska" February 7, 1009 Matthew Evans 6 1x06
Luke becomes haunted by dreams about the car crash that killed his father and Galvin's connection to it. A visit to a psychic convinces him his godfather is not the man he seems and, with Gladiolus Thrip back on the scene and showing an unhealthy interest in Luke's past, the vampire-fighting duo look set to be torn apart.

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