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Rupert Galvin
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Family: Maggie Galvin (wife; deceased)
Affiliation: Van Helsing family
Occupation: Smitting Half-Lives
First Appearance: They Bite
Last Appearance: Nothing Like Nebraska
Portrayed by: Philip Glenister

Rupert Galvin is an American Demon hunter with a sarcastic sense of humour. He is Luke's godfather and was a close friend of Luke's late father whose death it has been implied he was partly responsible for. Rupert appears ruthless and sometimes cold-blooded as he is driven by a fanatical hatred of demons because one of them murdered his wife but he is a warm-hearted individual who cares about his friends and looks on Luke as a son. He also has a tendency to drink too much to drown his sorrows.


Galvin might look like a CIA agent, with his button down Brooks Brothers shirt, though his gabardine raincoat to his polished wing-tipped shoes, and indeed he does perform an important public service. But no government agency would want Galvin on their payroll. He's the sort of politcally incorrect maverick who'd last five minutes in a government job. No, Galvin's an agent of a very different kind - a hardline secret agent in the coldest of cold wars: the ongoing battle between Half-Lives and humans.

Galvin is a one-man wall against the creeping threat of the supernatural entities which have stalked the human race throughout the centuries, giving rise to the myths and legends of werewolves, vampires and things that go bump in the night. Galvin's fighting days might nearly be over, but he still knows how the entities thing, and exactly how to get them where it hurts.

Galvin has neither friends nor family - not that we know of anyway. Indeed, he has no past as far as official paperwork is concerned, and he's not telling anyone how he got into the Half-Life smiting game. He's American and proud of it, that's all you're going to get.

Galvin was devastated to lose Jay Van Helsing, his smiting partner and best friend. This event only served to harden his resolve to rid the world of supernatural entities wherever he may find them - indeed these days Galvin's a fundamentalist against the Half-Life. "Grade them and smite them", that's Galvin's mantra.

Until now, Galvin has avoided visiting Jay's bereaved wife, Jenny, and young son Luke. He's always known that one day he'll have to pay him a visit. He couldn't just decide on the day. But now the Half-Lives have made the decision for him. They're after Luke, and Galvin knows the only way the boy can protect himself is to take up the faimly mantle and take the battle to the freaks.


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