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Gender: Female
Race: Human
Family: Jamie (brother)
Affiliation: Luke
First Appearance: They Bite
Last Appearance: Nothing Like Nebraska
Portrayed by: Holly Grainger

Ruby has been Luke's best friend since they were children and is quite protective of him. She is also in love with him though she is afraid to admit this. She has a rivalry with Mina Harker and insists on accompanying the group in fighting demons and her intelligence and resourcefulness often prove a great help to Luke, Rupert Galvin and Mina though they often overlook her and she sometimes questions her importance to them.


Ruby was always hoping for something exciting to happen, but being kidnapped by a drooling seven foot supernatural monster wasn't the kind of thing she really had in mind.

But now her eyes have been opened to the evil underworld that lies beneath the streets of London, she'll be the first to tell you that she's well up for it. Not only does she get to kick the crap out of some serious Half-Lives, she also gets to spend more time with Luke, her best friend. She's wishing friends is not all they were, but Luke's totally oblivious to that - and good thing too, Ruby doesn't want to ruin things with him, they're mates and that's great.

Ruby might not have supernatural fighting ability but she's clever and caring; she sees the human story behind the Half-Life crimes that the others sometimes miss. That's why she's an invaluable part of the gang - though don't stand near her when she's firing a pulse gun, you never know what might get hit.