Redlip's Monkey

Redlip's Monkey.

Redlip's Monkey was a Type 3 Half-Life that followed his master's orders without fail.

The Library's DescriptionEdit

A bizzare creature - half monkey, half machine - this Type 3 entity is about as low on the Half-Life scale as they get. A dumb yet formidable creature, the monkey uses its size and speed to its advantage.

Inhabiting the lining of Redplip's coat, the monkey does whatever his master commands, feeding on the scraps and insects that Redplip discards. The monkey's greatest weapon is probably it's two rows of razor-sharp silver teeth. A single bite from the monster results in sudden death.

Working completely on instinct and sound, the monkey navigates its way through the streets and sewers of London at a quick and agile pace.


Redlip sent it to spy on Luke Rutherford, it was later killed by Galvin.