Mr Tibbs
Mr Tibbs
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Life, Type 11
First Appearance: Saving Grace
Last Appearance: Saving Grace
Portrayed by: Kevin McNally

Mr Tibbs (also called Tibbs or Tobias) is a demon in the guise of rat, Type 11. He's associated with half-lives.

The Library's DescriptionEdit

Mr Tibbs is one of the most formidable of all the Half-Lives that the gang face. A Type 11 entity, Mr Tibbs is half-man, half-rat and wants nothing more than to be human. He spends his time experimenting on humans in his lab. He finds this role-reversal very amusing, although it's not so funny for his victims...

Tibbs is a devious and twisted creature who enjoys torturing and toying with humans. Where most of the Half-Lives use brawn and speed to attack their victims, Mr Tibbs uses mind games and manipulation to lure people down to the sewers where he rules.


A psychopathic genius, part man, part rat. Mister Tibbs is the demon responsible for the death of Rupert Galvin's wife and so Rupert hates him most of all demons and will stop at nothing to kill him. Tibbs however doesn't appear to be remotely afraid of Galvin and enjoys taunting him over the death of his wife.

Mr Tibbs is also the only Half-Life who has managed to enter the Stacks, while inside he had placed a bomb that would have destroyed the extensive library of half-life knowledge.


Mr Tibbs has appeared in a total of 1 episode.

Series 1-
Saving Grace


  • Mr Tibbs is the only Half-Life to use a firearm, other Half-Lives use either hand-to-hand combat skills or supernatural abilities against their enemies.

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