Gender: Male
Race: Half-Life, Unknown Type
Affiliation: Mr Tibbs
First Appearance: Saving Grace
Last Appearance: Saving Grace
Cause: Smitted
Portrayed by: Calvin Dean

The Mouseman is a henchman of Mr Tibbs, he has the appearance of a humanoid rat. Presumably Mr Tibbs did this to him, unlike Tibbs, the Mouseman's appearance is far less human.


The Mouseman is sent by Tibbs to The Stacks with a trio of Noisy Boys. They are met by Luke Rutherford and Rupert Galvin who swiftly defeat them. Mouseman tells Galvin who sent them before Galvin smites him.


  • It is unknown what Type he is, he could be Type 11 like Tibbs. Or as he appears to be a subordinate, he is likely a Type 5 like Redlip or Zippy.