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Mina Harker
Name: Wilhelmina Harker (née Murray)
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Life; Vampire
Family: Jonathon Harker (husband; deceased)
Quincey (son; deceased)
Abilities: Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Speed Superhuman Sense

Occupation: Concert Pianist
First Appearance: They Bite
Last Appearance: Nothing Like Nebraska
Portrayed by: Zoe Tapper

Mina Harker is a beautiful but haughty and arrogant blind girl who seems to find Luke attractive and holds Ruby in contempt. She is the same Mina Harker who appears in Bram Stoker's Dracula and has lived for centuries on account of being a vampire however she curbs her vampiric tendencies through dialysis.


Mina has a past that is solidly linked with that of the half-life and vampires. On this earth longer than her young and beautiful looks would have you believe. Mina has lived through a lot and the things in her past have made her a very strong and very wise person.

Mina is blind. Most people would see this as a disability but it has only heightened Mina's senses and given her powers and gifts she never thought capable. A beautiful and talented concert pianist, as her sight faded she discovered a new skill. Losing her sight also gave Mina a "second sight" with the ability to see into the past and track half-life activities.

Mina's past is not only linked with vampires, Mina's ancestors are the founders and creators of the Stacks. The vast libary which holds the answers and secrets behind all of the half-life;s and the Van Helsing history. Mina knows the stacks inside out and despite her lack of sight, if it's in there, Mina will find it.

Mina has known Galvin for many years, and for a long time they have been one another's only friend. Knowing more about Galvin's past and his hatred for half-life's Mina understands Galvin more than anyone else in the world and would defend him to the grave.

When Rupert Galvin, and later Luke and Ruby, join her in the fight against the half-life, Mina realizes that for the first time in many years she has friends. She has no thoughts of finding love or happiness again - she has a job to do, in the here and now, and after so long, there's not much more she could ask for.


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