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Luke Rutherford
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Born: 1990
Family: Jay Van Helsing (father, deceased)
Jenny Rutherford (mother)
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: They Bite
Last Appearance: Nothing Like Nebraska
Portrayed by: Christian Cooke

The main protagonist, Luke Rutherford is a student who is nearing graduation when he meets his godfather, Rupert Galvin who informs Luke that he (Luke) is a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing and it is his destiny to save the world from demons. Luke is reluctant to fight the demons but does so anyway, feeling that it is his duty though he often complains that he would rather be attending social functions with his friends. Luke appears to have a nihilistic outlook on life but cares greatly about his best friend Ruby though he sometimes appears indifferent toward her.


Luke Rutherford's life as a normal teenage boy is thrown upside down when Rupert Galvin, his godfather, reappears after 17 years and informs him that he is the last Van Helsing; the sicon of a dynasty of warriors in the coldest of cold wars between Half-Lives and humans.

Luke's always been a popular boy but now he finds himself under siege from every supernatural bad guy and weirdo in town. It's not something he was looking forward for and he's reluctant to take on such a role - but when the baddies kidnap his best friend Ruby he decides to take the fight to the freaks - no one messes with Luke's mates and gets away with it.

Realising that the only way he can keep those he cares about safe, Luke launches into a gruelling training programme - and boy does he need it. Demons, vampires, harpies, you name it, he has to smite it. And all whilst carrying on his college work and pretending to his Mum, Jenny, that there's nothing going on. No one ever said being a teenager was easy... but no one told Luke it was so totally lethal.


Luke Rutherford